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Flower Bouquets V Plants This Mother's Day?

It can be incredibly hard to choose what gifts to give this Mother’s Day. The world really is your oyster with the vast range of choice out there especially as spring time and all its wonderful floral offerings make for a dazzling array of gifts to choose from. Perhaps one way to help make that tricky decision a little easier is to decide whether you want to give the gift of flowers or plants. This article aims to help you make that choice a little easier by highlighting the pros and the cons of plants versus flowers.

Perfect Plants

If you are tired of giving the traditional arrangement this Mother’s Day and wish to send something that will live longer than your average bouquet then choosing a plant as a gift can be a great option.

Blooming Bougainvillea

Often seen adorning gardens in tropical climes this flower is so bold and vivid in color it is sure to brighten any home. It is a very evocative flower and is so happy and cheerful it is bound to keep you in the good books with mom for months to come!


Also so exotic in its beauty the powerfully pretty orchid is an elegant plant and can last for weeks if not longer. It is a statement plant and is available in a range of colors the most popular being white and a variety of pinks. If carefully tended not only do the flowers laster longer than the average bouquet but once the flowers do die off be sure to save the dormant plant as it can re flower next year.

Skimmia Fragrant Cloud

For a different type of plant gift then the verdant Skimmia Fragrant Cloud is a very unusual gift. It is an exceptional plant with lush glossy green foliage and exquisite white scented flowers in spring. A Great choice of plant gift for Mothers day and one that is sure to bring a great deal of happiness.

If plants aren’t exactly what you’re looking for then bouquets are always a sure fire winner with mom’s everywhere. Pink is the color normally associated with Mother’s Day and here is a list of beautiful flowers that could be used in a bouquet. Here are some of the names of pink flowers that can be chosen without any hesitation for Mother's Day:

  • Pink Gerberas

  • Peonies

  • Pink Roses

  • Stargazers

  • Tulips

  • Orchids

  • Camellias

  • Carnations

  • Lilacs

  • Azaleas

All these types work well as individual flowers or as a mix to make a beautiful bouquet.

Other bouquet ideas can include pretty much anything you can think of but perhaps what is most important when deciding which floral gift to give is whether you want short term impact or longevity. For many choosing a plant over flowers may not have as much immediate impact but long term is a way for mom to know just how much you care.