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Fragrance V Color, This Mother's Day

With so many bouquet options available this Mother’s Day you will be forgiven that sometimes beauty overtakes fragrance. We’ve all been disappointed when we’ve bought or received flowers such as roses whose beauty can be intoxicating, only to lean in a little closer and to smell nothing. No heady bouquet of rose scent, just a hint of leaves!

Well sending beautiful flowers to your mom this year can be a feast for the senses not just through a beautiful arrangement but through sensational scents too.

Here are five of the most fragrant flowers to send this Mother’s Day.


Roses are one of the most recognisably fragrant flowers. Who can resist the temptation of the first thing being is to smell the intricate rose? All roses are not perfumed so if you want to be sure it’s best to speak with your chosen florist to check whether the flowers you’ve picked out are aromatic or not.

Classic Carnations

Carnations have a very distinctive fragrance that is spicy and sweet and is the symbolic flower for Mother’s Day. It is a fragrance that as soon as you have smelled you will forever recognize it's odor. Carnations have a wonderful almost peppery scent that will fill your home and the good news is they can last and last.


Gardenias these flowers smell as beautiful as they sound. Believed to be heaven sent these flowers really are heavenly scented too.


Fabulous freesias are heady with a warm peppery scent that is guaranteed not to disappoint. Beautiful and fragrant there is little more that you could ask of any flower. It is a classic choice and is always guaranteed to please the recipient.


Jasmine, it goes without saying that the scent from this plant is famous and is used in so many products from perfume to candles. Its sensational aroma is so pleasing to anyone who smells it that to send the gift of jasmine is a wonderful gift. This fragile flower packs a powerful punch.


Lovely lilies make a pleasant, fragrant bouquet of flowers and are potent in a pretty way to anyone who is near them. Entering a room where lilies are present, you are greeted with an aroma that is quite notable and loitering, in a good way. Lilies make an attractive focal point both for their scent and their striking appearance.

Sweet Peas

Sweet sweet peas are an old school favorite and have graced many gardens with their powerful fragrance. These fragile flowers are adored for their lovely pastels and perky, cheeky appearance.


Lavender flowers have been a favorite a long while thanks to their relaxing but strong fragrance. When planted along the front porch or in window boxes, the sweet and spicy fragrance will greet you as you come and go. Add this lovely scented flower to a drawer, pillow or just wherever you long to smell this delectable fragrance.


The distinctive and evocative fragrance of the honeysuckle is undeniably as sweet as its namesake. Once planted, this hardy flowering bush needs little care and will take off in growth. Year after year, it will produce the pretty, colorful, fragrant flowers and would make an unusual but special gift this Mother’s Day.

As you can see most of the flowers and plants listed above are both beautiful and fragrant many can be made into a bunch for a floral display or just sent as a plant as a more .