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The True Meaning Behind Mother's Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is a precious day when you let your mom know just how much you care. There are so many ways to demonstrate how much she means to you on this special day, from a family get together to dinner out. Flowers are perhaps one of the most popular ways of showing how much mom means to you but it doesn’t end there. With so many different meanings behind the flowers that you can send on Mother’s Day there’s sure to be something that she will love.

Pink Carnations
Mother’s Day flowers are often associated with the pink carnation. These flowers are said to represent a mother’s love and mean "I will never forget you". Pink carnations are indeed a popular choice on Mother’s Day but they are far from the only choice. They are an acquired taste and not everyone loves the carnation, although its once dated appeal has gained resurgence in recent years.
The great thing about sending flowers on Mother’s Day is that you show mom that you have taken time to think about her, so make sure you choose flower arrangements that suit her best. She not only changed your diapers when you were young, she also has been there to hold your hand through the tough times and hug you whatever the problem. Mother's day has no spiritual meaning behind it like so many other holidays do; it is simply a day to celebrate moms everywhere. The meaning of mother's day flowers is to give mom a gift with sentimental value that she knows is from your heart.

Moms around the world feel privileged to have had their children and they look upon them as precious gifts. Although Mother's day should be about spending time with your children it’s important to remember just how important mom is every day not just on this special day. For many moms it can be an emotionally charged holiday. It can be a time when mom looks back at moments passed and looks at her children who have or are growing up so fast.

The meaning of Mother's Day flowers is showing your mom that you appreciate all that she has done or put up with over the years. For the little ones, this holiday is a tradition that they can continue as they grow. As for husbands, flowers are a great gift for your mom or wife at home. They are the gifts that say so much without saying a word.

Although the pink carnation is the flower for Mother's Day in the US, in Canada you wear a red carnation if your mother is still alive or a white carnation if your mother has died. Roses in general convey love and gratitude. But there are plenty of others to choose from see below for inspiration.

  •     Asters - a symbol of love;
  •     Bluebells - symbolise everlasting love;
  •     Red Chrysanthemums - symbolise love;
  •     Daisies - symbolise loyal love;
  •     Forget-me-nots - symbolise faithful love;
  •     Moss - unusual, but it symbolises maternal love;
  •     Myrtle - symbolises duty, affection, home and love;
  •     Orange blossom - symbolises eternal love;
  •     Orchids (or Cymbidium) - meaning love and beauty;
  •     Singapore Orchids – suggest refinement and are a sign of a beautiful lady;
  •     Red roses - symbolise love;
  •     Pink roses - symbolise gentility and grace;
  •     Snapdragons (or Antirrhinum) - symbolise a gracious lady;
  •     Stock - symbolises lasting beauty;
  •     Red tulips - symbolise love;
  •     Magenta Zinnia - symbolises lasting affection

Whatever blooms you choose from carnations to chrysanthemums the spirit of your love for mom will not be lost. Flowers and their fragile elegance are a great way to show just how much you care today and always.