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Caring for your Valentine's Day Flowers

Receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day is sure to make you feel special, excited and of course loved.  You will want to capture the beauty of the flowers from roses to tulips for as long as possible, prolonging that special feeling. So many people don’t know how to get the best out of their flowers or how to keep them looking fresh and as beautiful. If you are lucky enough to receive flowers this Valentine’s Day then you will want to keep the beauty and joy of your gift for as long as you can.

Trying to make the most of your floral gift needn’t be that hard some people call it conditioning flowers. This isn’t as daunting as it seems as all it really means is keep your flowers alive and fresh for as long as possible so you can enjoy them to their maximum. Here is a simple guide to making the most of your gift.

This may seem basic but here is a beginner’s guide to the basic biology of the flower and how it stays alive. The most important part of any flower is its roots. It’s how nutrients and water are directed into the plant so that it might grow. The next important part is the shoots and leaves followed by the flower. The flower is the last thing to receive food and drink. This is because although it might be the most attractive part of the plant it is not the most important, it can still live without it.

The importance of this is that once the flower has been cut from the plant, its source of nutrients and water is gone. From now on the flower is relying on else its source of water and nutrients namely us! If however the flower wasn’t being fed properly by the plant (for instance it was weak) then it is even more important to care for its flowers.

Caring for your roses
When purchasing flowers it is best to buy from only the best suppliers , when you are buying temperamental flowers such as roses. They can be notoriously difficult at times, we’ve all seen roses where the bud has flopped forlornly to one side. Sadly when it comes to this state of affairs no amount of tender loving care can bring the reluctant rose back to life. It is important as with all flowers that water needs to get up the stem to the flower head. Listed below are just a few ways you can take good care of your blooms without spending a fortune on flower food and other gardening paraphernalia.