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Tired of Valentines Tradition?

If you are tired of the traditional offerings at Valentine’s Day from the rose to other red flowers and are looking for something a little different to say I love you then the flower kingdom in its infinite variety is at hand! With so many beautiful flowers to choose from your declaration of love can be expressed in many differing and subtle ways. Here is a simple guide to flowers and their meanings. Hopefully there will be some inspiration for you when choosing your perfect floral gift for your Valentine.

Saying I love you...

There are so many flowers that simply state “I love you”. These include red carnations, azaleas, jasmine, lavender, honeysuckle, myrtle, red tulips and blue violets. Flowers that can be given to represent the senders faithfulness are numerous. Here are just seven ways to show your true love and devotion.

Faithful flowers:
1) Dahlias
2) Heliotropes
3) Hydrangea,
4) Red salvia
5) Rosemary
6) Bird of Paradise
7) Lemon blossom 
8) Veronica

New to love and romance
If in a young relationship then giving lilac will represent the innocence of new love whereas the beautiful colored Anemones are believed to symbolize anticipation. Blue hyacinths and their sensuous perfume are meant to show constancy or sincerity, whereas pink hyacinths are for playfulness.

Flowers for desire and passion

If you can’t send flowers to represent both your desire for that special man or woman, guy or gal then when can you. There are many flowers that are said to demonstrate love’s burning passion and desire, these include:
1) The red or yellow Iris
2) Peach blossoms
3) Larkspurs
4) Jonquils

Love at first sight

If you want to show that you have felt love at first sight for that special someone then look no further than gladiolus and gloxinia. The elegant and refined orchid is the perfect flower to send if you wish your loved one to know you think he or she is beautiful. Available in a range of colors these beautiful flowers last and last, especially if sent as a plant. As for the delicate beauty of forget-me-nots then surely their meaning speaks for themselves? No need to send a card explaining your intentions when it comes to these gorgeous blooms.
For those in a long term or perhaps new relationship then what better way to show your trust for one another than by sending the beautifully fragrant freesia. The perfume alone both peppery and fresh is a glorious way to enchant your Valentine. To show your loving thoughts then why not send pansies. If potted and cared for these flowers can last for months and are a lasting way to show how much you feel.

Flowers for eloping

Although in modern times the act of eloping is a far from common event, the senders desire to escape and marry is also represented in the flower kingdom. The giving of the spider flower is indeed supposed to suggest elopement, so beware you have been warned what could happen when you send this flower!

Married bliss

If you are married there are of course the old favorites such as the romantic rose or tulip but wedded couples also have their own dedicated flowers to represent their love. The humble ivy for instance is believed to symbolise fidelity, affection and married love. Lily of the Valley and it’s heady fragrant bouquet says “you’ve made my life complete.” Orange blossom can be a wish for fertility and also a declaration of eternal love. The prickly and verdant holly bush maybe thought of as a more festive plant to be displayed at Christmas but its symbolic meaning is said to represent domestic happiness.
Let us not forget that the meaning behind so many flowers isn’t always known to those who have received them. The red rose speaks for itself but other meanings are not so obvious. In this case it is very important that if you have taken the time to research and construct a bouquet of unusual flowers, you accompany them with a note explaining why you made your choice.
This doesn’t need to be corny, but to say “These dahlias reflect my faithfulness to you” or “These violets show my love for you” is a great way of showing depth of thought and originality this Valentine’s Day. The time spent constructing a floral message to a particular person will be as appreciated as the flowers themselves.
Don’t forget to be aware of personal preferences when choosing your bouquet of flowers. If you know that person you are sending flowers to hates carnations, no matter what the meaning the gesture will be somewhat lost. This is particularly important as most flowers have several meanings, especially to different cultures.