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Why the Gift of Flowers This Valentine's Day?

As Valentine’s Day approaches thoughts turn to spoiling loved ones with floral gifts and sweet treats. There are so many ways to demonstrate love’s affection for that special someone from champagne and chocolates to a romantic dinner for two. However, nothing says romance quite as much as the giving of flowers. This begs the question why do flowers and Valentine’s Day go together? What is the history behind the giving of flowers on this romantic day?

Gestures of love
Flowers have been a special part of Valentine's Day for as long as many of us can remember.  Perhaps it’s because the red rose is the most basic of symbolic gestures of love. Perhaps it’s because many girls and women adore flowers, or perhaps it’s because they are an easy and dramatic way of showing you care. Whatever our modern day rational for giving flowers there is of course a story, a history if you like as to why we give them to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine in history
In third century Rome a bishop named Valentine secretly married young couples, despite the emperor's edict forbidding marriage. Valentine's refusal to renounce Christianity and its customs led to his execution on February 14. Legend has it that while in prison awaiting his fate, Valentine fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. He signed his farewell message to her: "From Your Valentine." Valentine's Day is named in his honor. Some say with this message he sent a single red rose, although not all agree with this version of the story.
This is just one version of events as there has been some historical confusion when it comes to Saint Valentine. Other historical records suggest that another Valentine the first Bishop of Genoa in Italy, had his day on May 3rd. This was associated with many spring-time "love" activities going back to pre-Christian Rome. For instance, May 3rd was the last day of the Roman flower festival. This would explain the important symbolism of flowers and Valentine’s Day, although the date we all know now is firmly February the 14th.
Like other holidays, Valentine's Day has changed and evolved over the years. What originally began as a Roman pagan celebration of erotic love and fertility, evolved under the influence of Christianity, to a celebration of romantic love and marriage. It now continues to evolve and is recognised as a global celebration of romantic love. Despite its evolution and changes over time, Valentine's Day continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by lovers everywhere.
So ever since Valentine's Day became officially noted, Valentine's Day cards have come attached to Valentine's Day flowers. Words and flowers are a powerful combination with great historical significance and are sure to warm the heart of your sweetheart this year.