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Buying Flowers Online

Buying Flowers Online

Why should you buy flowers online? Well, the most important reason is better selection. Garden centers may have in store a stock of maybe one dozen varieties of roses while online stores can offer you scores of varieties and types of roses. There is a physical problem about garden or flower centers because there is just not enough space to hold all stocks available in only one place. This is non-existent with online flower websites. Web supplies are able to give you the widest choices of flower stocks that may be difficult to find in your local flower store.

Tips on Buying Flowers Online

The first thing to do is to find out how the website sends the flowers. This could be in a vase. If a website sends flowers already in a vase, it means that they are ready to be displayed upon delivery. Other websites may send flowers in a box. This is common among growers or distribution centers. If this is the case, you need to set up the flowers first before displaying them. Decide how you would like your flowers to be delivered before settling down on a particular website.

There are the so-called “order gatherers” who are not legitimate online flower companies. They just take your order, pass it on to a florist to fill the order, and they get a commission. This means that you pay more than what you really should. To avoid “order gatherers”, you can call the “store” first and check out if it is legitimate.

You can support “green” farming all over the world by choosing to buy “green flowers”. These kinds of flowers are those that are eco-friendly and organic. Better farming practices are encouraged so as to minimize environmental problems. In addition, “green flowers” are also priced competitively with the regularly grown ones.

Of course you have to compare prices. Go through different online florists and have a comparison of their regular and value-added services. Since you have to pay for shipping and other service charges, you have to make sure how this would affect the total price. Also, find out if the vase is included in the price and how many flower stems you are going to get. This way you can estimate the price per stem. If there are freebies offered, find out if you really need those or if they do not affect the price.

Sometimes this one important consideration is taken for granted – that of the site’s terms and conditions. Read thoroughly their replacement or refund policy as well as their freshness guarantee statements. This way, you could avoid undue problems due to your unawareness of their sometimes “hidden” terms and conditions.

How Do You Keep Your Flowers Fresh – Longer

When cutting the flower stems, you have to do it at a sharp angle. Doing so increases the surface area of the stem in contact with water and this allows for better absorption. Stems that are cut flat rest flush against the bottom of the container. They tend to block water from penetrating the stem, which greatly shortens the vase life of your flowers.

Place the stem immediately in water after cutting. Stems dry rapidly and when this happens they seal up the path of absorption. When extra bark remains at the tip of the cut part, remove it to prevent water contamination. Doing so would prolong the vase life of your flowers.

Leaves and thorns that will be below the water level should be removed or trimmed. These materials decompose under water and attract bacteria. Be particular even with small debris which could be small thorns or branching stems. Scrape all of these thoroughly before placing the flowers in water.

Nicks or cracks in the stem that are above the water level could block water flow to the flower. It is important to put the deepest water possible to prevent this, since water is not absorbed only through the base but also from the outside part of the stem. When cleaning the stems, be extra careful not to create cracks in the part of the stem that is above the water level.

Use water that is just warm enough. Warm water is absorbed better by flowers than cold water. Do not use hot water because it will cause shock on the flowers. Dip your fingers to find out the right temperature.

Decomposition rate of the stems submerged in water can be slowed down by making sure that the stems are clean. This is the reason why you should remove even the small debris. The cleaner the stems, the slower will be the rate of decomposition and the longer your flowers will remain fresh.

As much as possible, you should place only one kind of flower in one vase. Different kinds of flowers have different make up and decompose by different means. Mixed flowers in one container decompose faster than those of the same kind.

When cloudiness or discoloration of water starts to appear, bacterial growth has already started. It is advised that water should be changed at least every two days. You should be particular with this because bacteria grow very rapidly. Any delay could mean an irreparable damage. Replace it with warm water so that the stems will reopen and allow water to flow to the flowers. Again, water should be not be hot.

To Summarize

Buying flowers online would give you more benefits than the usual visit to the local store. Again, it is better selection that tops the many reasons why you should do so. With the helpful tips just enumerated, you can avoid any problem regarding online florists.

There are some recommended websites where you can buy your roses and other flowers of your choice. Find one that offers the best price, but also be particular with their delivery or shipping terms.

Find out other helpful tips to care for your flowers. Keeping them fresh for a longer time gives more life and beauty to your home, office or other places. You get more value for your money. Practicing the correct way of prolonging the vase life of fresh flowers is also a challenge to your self.