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Choosing the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

You might think that it doesn’t matter what flower you give for whatever occasion. As long as it looks nice, it’s perfect, right? This is a misconception that seems to be in the minds of almost everyone in the country. One should definitely give a thought as to what flower to bring for what occasion.

Have you ever wondered by florists give you different flower options for different occasions? This is because flowers hold different meanings. The meanings that these flowers convey should be appropriate for the event you are attending. Here’s a simple guide to help you out in picking out the right flowers for those important and special events in your life.

Valentine’s Day is probably the first occasion to come to mind when thinking of giving flowers. It is also this occasion that makes picking out flowers easy. There are a lot of romantic flowers in the market for you to choose from. If you want a perfect symbol of your love on Valentine’s Day then you might want to choose a bouquet of roses.

Other romantic flower options would be carnations, Peruvian lilies, orchids, tulips, and sunflowers. These flowers have their own different meanings. You can ask the help of your florist to tell you the meaning of each. You can even be bold and creative and decide on giving a bouquet with a variety of flowers all conveying the different feelings you feel for that special person.

Another occasion that makes picking flowers out easily is during Mother’s Day. Mothers love flowers, any woman does. However, can you really give just any flower to your mother on that special day? Yes, you may but perhaps the best choice would be to give them fresh spring flowers that were just picked right from the fields. Why go for spring flowers, you ask? Spring flowers are great choices to give on Mother’s Day because of their bright colors and wide variety. Any mother who would receive a special bouquet of spring flowers will feel light and absolutely happy. These flowers can put the spark back in a room and in anyone’s hearts, especially your mother. Some examples would be tulips, roses, lilies, daffodils, iris, sunflowers, Calla lily, Hyacinth, lavender bulbs and more. The colors of these spring flowers remind any mother of their femininity and womanhood.

Just because they are males doesn’t mean they should be excluded from the flower giving ceremony. Yes, you can give flowers to your fathers on Father’s day; just make sure to give them the right one. A general rule would be to avoid flowers that are too feminine because you are stripping the manliness of your father and you wouldn’t want to do that. It is essential that you choose flowers whose colors exude power. These flowers can range from colors of red, violet, bright orange or bright yellow. You can also choose flowers that are long like tropical flowers. These flowers symbolize how a man can be domineering and as an authority figure. The flower arrangement should also be considered. Make sure the arrangement of the flowers does not make it look too feminine. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, you can choose green flowering plants to give to your father on his day.

Birthdays are another occasion that can prove to be tricky in the aspect of picking out the right flower. A great and simple idea would be to give birthday or birth flowers. Birthday flowers typically represent the month you were born, whereas birth flowers represent your zodiac sign. You can ask for your florists help in picking out these flowers or you can visit a helpful website online.

When attending funerals, the most popular flower to give would be any type that is colored white. White flowers are great choices for funerals because the color itself represents peace. When you give white flowers on a funeral, you are wishing the deceased person to be at peace in death. At the same time, you are also wishing the bereaved family peace in their days of mourning. You can choose to give white lilies, iris, tulips, orchids, azalea, rose, and more.

On the other hand, if you are giving flowers to wish someone well during a recovery you should give colorful flowers. Flowers in bright colors bring the recovering person hope and inspiration to get better. The environment should be one that is conducive for recovery and bringing in fresh, colorful flowers will do the trick. You can also give flowers that hold special meanings for healing and recovery such as orchids.

Another occasion that should not miss the appearance of flowers is during Baby showers. However, there isn’t really a certain flower that would represent a baby per se, simply picking out flowers that convey child-like emotions or appearances will do. You can choose daisies because they offer a feeling of freshness, perfect for expectant mothers. Daisies also represent purity and innocence which are perfect symbolizations of babies to come.

You can also choose to give Bells of Ireland flowers not because they symbolize youth; rather they wish you luck on your delivery. You can also pick out flowers whose colors are gender-sensitive such as giving pink flowers to a mother expecting a baby girl and blue flowers for mothers expecting baby boys. Tiny flowers are also a good option to give during a baby shower because they symbolize the tiny human being growing inside an expectant mother.

Perhaps, one occasion that just bursts with the beauty of flowers is weddings. Weddings should always be adorned with flowers for varying reasons. Flowers represent beauty which is perfect for the handsome groom, the ravishing bride, and the beautiful guests. Flowers also represent love, one that brides and grooms are about to make mutual forever. Of course, white flowers is a popular choice for weddings but the trend nowadays have veered from white into that of bold, colored flowers. An important rule to follow would be to follow the theme of your wedding. If you’re having a traditional wedding, elegant white and red roses will do. However, if you’re having modern, contemporary, or casual beach weddings, you can choose from boldly colored tropical flowers or simple flowers with polychromatic tones.

There are many events in a person’s life and equally many flowers that are perfect representations for each occasion. Take advantage of the meanings these flowers hold. It will make the task easier and it will also give an added touch, transforming a simple bouquet into a special one that the receiver will treasure for as long as he or she can.