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How to buy flowers online

How to Buy  Flowers Online

Showing how much you care for a special someone could be made even more meaningful by sending him or her flowers that you bought online. Unlike your local stores, online florists can offer you better selection of roses and other beautiful flowers. Going to a flower center could take you hours, plus the time that you have to spend in choosing from the limited number of stocks that they have in their store.

If you want quick and easy access to a host of varieties of the classic and new varieties of roses and other flowers, do it online. Here, you will have access to a wide range of flowers and bouquets that come in different sizes and styles. Prices of these products are reasonable and are very competitive with those from other sources. Before sitting down and starting to browse over the websites, it would save you time in searching if you already have your type of floral arrangement in mind.

Online flower stores offer fast and quick delivery service. For this, you must understand that they will charge you with additional taxes and service charges. Are these already included in the price that you see upfront? You have to make sure because some companies add these only just before you will be required to enter your payment details. If you want same day delivery of your flowers, you would have to pay a little extra.

Some online florists do not deliver during holidays and weekends. Give enough allowance as to the number of days of delivery during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Mother’s Day. You might even need to book your orders in advance. Purchasing your flowers in the last minute could put you in a very sad situation. If you are buying flowers for a special person other than your self, you have to supply the recipient’s correct full name, address, telephone number, etc. Don’t forget to write your message that will be sent together with the flowers. It would even be better if this is already composed beforehand.

Before Using Your Credit Card

Now here are some important considerations if you are using your credit card. Make sure that the site uses a secure server before giving out your credit card details. Secure servers use encryption codes that protect all your important and confidential credit card information such as card number, name, address and others from being “stolen” along the internet superhighway. Many eager customers end up nowhere with their credit card transactions due to scam.

As an added security measure for your transaction, print out the order confirmation or note down your order number. Don’t forget to jot down the customer service phone number of the company. There are online florists that offer discounts and special offers only to their registered members. Take a little time to register and be eligible for the site’s future value-added services.

You Don’t Want to Buy Flowers, Why Not Grow Your Own?

Preparing a good soil mix is the first step in growing flower plants. A good soil mix is one that is light and airy and rich in nutrients. Never use soil that is clayey or heavy because it will suffocate the plant. This type of soil tends to absorb much water. Choosing the proper soil mix is true to all types of planting media and sites.

Allow your plants to drink water slowly. Watering of plants needs to be done gently. Plants need just enough amount of water. Watering problem is shown by leaf discoloration. The presence of excess water in the soil can be determined by squeezing a handful of the soil. It water drips, then the plant has too much water.

If you have container plants, put some pebbles under the containers. This will elevate and prevent the plants from being soaked in stagnant water. Too much moisture is also the result of stagnant water that drains from watering.

Water your flowering plants when the sun is low. This could be done in the morning or in the afternoon. Watering plants in the heat of the sun will cause scorching of the flowers and leaves.

If you need to apply fertilizers which you must do from time to time, read the instructions that go with it carefully and also strictly follow the guidelines. Never over fertilize because too much fertilizer harms plants.

Tips and Tricks

To encourage more blossoms to develop, trim back multi-flowering plants as the blossoms are spent.

Some plants can be forced to bloom a second time by cutting these plants back to the ground up to the base of their foliage. A delphinium for example will force itself to produce a second flower if done this way.

You can also force some plants to produce larger flowers than usual. As soon as you see the plant’s initial flower stalk, cut it back to the base of the leaves. The plant will produce multiple flowers by sending up multiple shoots.

“Disbudding” is a trick that you can do to produce larger flowers from a plant that usually produces several blossoms. This is done by removing the other buds, leaving only one. This focuses the plant’s energy on the remaining single bud.

Some Special Cut Flower Care Tips

Here are some special cut flower care tips for special conditions.

If it happens that the flowers you bought are poisonous, use them alone in their own container. They would be harmful when mixed with other kinds due to the latex that they secrete. If mixing cannot be avoided, condition the poisonous flowers for 24 hours by standing them in deep water containing one drop of bleach before mixing with other flowers.

Some flowers have hollow stems that tend to crack or break easily. This could be avoided by slowly inserting into the stem a clean piece of stick covered with a soft, water-absorbent material. A piece of bamboo is a good choice. The absorbent material also helps to provide extra moisture.

Whether you choose to buy your flowers online or to grow your own, the happiness and fulfillment lies in how you care for the person. After all, only you can measure how happy you have made the person who received your precious gift.