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Mothers Day 2011 - May 8th 2011

A mother works hard and makes sacrifices for her children and family every single day, even after those children are grown and out of the house. Her subtle efforts, like taking care of the home and childcare, can go unrecognized or be taken for granted. In honor of all the support and love mothers give to their families, Mother's Day is a holiday specifically created for families and loved ones to express their gratitude and love for the hard-working mothers they know.

Mother's Day is celebrated annually by people all over the world. Mother's Day has been a national holiday in the United States, celebrated on the second Sunday in May, since 1914. While Mother's Day is celebrated in many nations throughout the world, the date varies in other countries.

Flowers, especially carnations, have been traditionally gifted to mothers to celebrate motherhood in many cultures. A gift of flowers is a heartfelt and special way to honor mothers on Mother's Day. Flowers are abundantly available in the spring, which gives gift givers a large variety of choices.

No matter the budget, there is likely a perfect gift of Mother's Day flowers for the special mother in your life. You may also want to consider the other mothers who have touched your own life on Mother's Day. Gifting flowers to a grandmother or special aunt shows the generous and considerate women in your life that you appreciate them and all they've done for you.

There are several things to think about when choosing a gift of Mother's Day flowers. The most important thing, however, is to consider the person you're buying for. The flowers you choose should fit her personality. Everything in these arrangements can be customized, including the flowers' colors, sizes, textures, and fragrances.

Each flower chosen can communicate a different feeling for the gift. Certain flowers, like sunflowers or daisies, impart a lighthearted, cheerful feeling; the orchid, however, is a luxurious yet dignified flower that represents beauty and charm. The iris is an interesting choice for Mother's Day flowers, as it symbolizes wisdom, faith, and hope. Mixing and matching different flowers can give the bouquet an even more unique feel.

Roses are often thought of as the classic gift flower, and they make beautiful Mother's Day bouquets. Instead of the classic red rose, consider a bouquet of pink roses, which traditionally symbolize gratitude and appreciation. A mixed bouquet of pink and yellow roses can convey a wonderful message of consideration and caring.

If you know her favorite flower, the mother in your life might find it especially thoughtful to receive a custom arrangement of them, instead of a stock selection. A florist can help you enhance your bouquet with other greenery or additional varieties of flowers.

Take the container into consideration as well. A bouquet tied around the stems with a simple ribbon is a beautiful and elegant choice. In a glass or ceramic vase, a bouquet becomes a gift that keeps on giving; every time the vase is reused, she'll think back fondly on the flowers that came in it. Taking the time to find a vase that matches her personality also increases the thoughtfulness of the gift. The container could also be something creative, like a hand-painted ceramic mug.

While a breathtaking floral arrangement speaks for itself in some respects, any mother would appreciate a kindly penned card along with her Mother's Day flowers. Take the opportunity to let her know exactly how appreciated she truly is, even if she isn't directly reminded of that every single day.

Plan ahead to remember Mother's Day. In upcoming years in the United States, Mother's Day will fall on the following dates: May 8, 2011; May 13, 2012; and May 12, 2013.