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Perfect Posies - Bridesmaids Flowers

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Your wedding day is set, and you have your colors picked out, the date and the venue; everything is going well so far. Planning a wedding does not have to be as stressful as many would have you believe! Many of the tasks are very simple, and you can deal with them early on to avoid any last-minute stress. Once you choose your colors and bridesmaids' dresses, it's relatively easy to select flowers for your special ladies. If you are budget-conscious, discuss floral prices with your florist to ensure that you won't break the bank with your floral choices.

Color Coordination

You don’t have to have the same posy for each bridesmaid, there are other more modern options. For example, if your colors are red, white and black, and the bridesmaids' dresses are black, do not feel forced into a simple white bouquet for each of them. You could have every other bridesmaid carry a red bouquet. As another idea, have each bridesmaid carry a different floral bouquet in the same color. For example, have one bridesmaid carry a white lily bouquet and another carry a white rose bouquet. Or, opt for a single flower for simplicity.

It’s also worth bearing in mind not to match the flowers to the dress, or the bouquet will blend in. For example, if the dresses are pink, do not give the bridesmaids a pink posy You want their flowers to stand out both in the ceremony and in the pictures.

Some people suggest getting hold of a swatch of the bridesmaid dress fabric and taking it a paint store. There you'll be able to gain inspiration from a swath of colors that you may never of even dreamed of and you can see more clearly what goes with what. Take your favorite colors along to your florist and they’ll be able to guide you to flowers that you love and that work with the colors you had in mind.

Bouquet Style

There is a simple rule of thumb to follow when it comes to bouquet style, try not to overwhelm the dress. The bouquet is an accessory, not the focal point. If your bridesmaids are wearing short cocktail-style dresses, do not overwhelm them with a huge cascading bouquets filled with too many flowers and long vines. Opt for a simple bouquet small calla lilies, for example, or a single rose or lily. Another option for a short cocktail dress would be a wrist corsage that way your bridesmaids won’t have to carry the bouquet around during the day and night. If their dresses are long, full and more formal, you can pair them with a larger bouquet just make sure it doesn't outshine the bride's.

Flower Types

With so much to choose from picking flowers for your wedding day can be overwhelming. Remember it's your day, and you should be able to choose the type of flower that you want. Make sure that the flowers are in season and are within your price range. When all else fails it is best to go with your gut instinct. If you absolutely adore white roses, have your bridesmaids' bouquets feature white roses and baby's breath for a pure, clean look. If daisies are more your style, use them. Do not shy away from mixing and matching flowers. However, it is best to stay within your color scheme.

There is nothing wrong with having white lilies, white roses and white orchids in your bridal party's floral accessories. However it is good practice to try to stick with flowers that are in season. Tulips make the most sense in the spring and summer, while sunflowers are more common in late summer and fall weddings. Flowers that are in season will be much easier to come by and will cost less than those that are hard to find.


You want to remind your bridesmaids that they are a special and important part of your big day, so go the extra mile and personalize each bouquet this does not need to be a tricky task! An idea for personalization would be to adorn each individual bouquet with a small charm that symbolizes each bridesmaid.

You could have a letter for their name or an object that relates to them. For example, if a bridesmaid plays soccer, give her a small soccer ball charm. Another idea is to add jewels to the flowers themselves. You can stick a long post with a jewel attached to the end in the bouquet or you can actually glue the jewel to the actual flower. Choose a jewel that represents each bridesmaid's birthstone. The little things will show your girls how thankful you are for their friendship and support.