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Wonderful White Weddings - A Guide to Wedding Flowers

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White is the symbolic colour of marriage but that doesn't mean choosing white flowers for your wedding is a boring or uninspired choice. White is a magical color and white flowers are used to create some of the most stunningly gorgeous bouquets and arrangements for weddings. Here’s a guide to helping you find the best white flowers for your special day.

The classic rose is the ultimate wedding flower and there are many beautiful rose varieties to choose from for your white wedding flowers, bouquet and arrangements. Names of roses to look out for include: Avalanche, Akito, F White and Bianca roses.

Amaryllis are large and very striking trumpet shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors and are most commonly associated with red at Christmas time. However, pure white is often a popular choice for weddings. Four or five large trumpet shaped flowers top a tall leafless stem to form a flamboyant bloom that would be perfect for creating a dramatic centrepiece. These statuesque beauties are available September through April.

Anthurium - Exotic waxy looking flowers they come in shades of white as well as reds, pinks, lilac, green and chocolate brown. These striking flowers are available throughout the year.

Calla Lily - also known as Zantedeschia or Arum Lily are incredibly popular for weddings. Calla lilies have an elegant and almost architectural form making them incredibly versatile. They can be arranged on their own in simple classic hand-tied bouquets for a stunning elegant effect or mixed with other flowers such as roses. They're available in a variety of colours from pure white, through to rich black. In terms of availability you can get them overseas if necessary all year round.

Dahlia – this beauty comes in a wide variety of forms from the sweet and daisy like to cut round ball pompons. Colors include white as well as hot vibrant colours, pinks, lilacs and purple. Dahlias are available from June through October.

Freesia - Highly popular flowers, many varieties are also beautifully scented. Flowers come in white, yellow, pink & lilac. Freesias are available all year round but peak season is in spring.

Gerberas – These happy, sunny and reasonably priced flowers are perfect for weddings all year round. A large daisy shaped bloom the gerbera is also available in a smaller 'Germini' variety. Choose from an incredible variety of colors. Use in your wedding bouquet for a contemporary look or use to create a bold dramatic statement as a wedding table center piece. They are available throughout the year.

Gypsophilia - once a dated flower and often used as a filler in other bouquets gypsophilia has gained a resurgence in recent years and can be used on its own to create a light and fairy like quality to any bouquet or table decoration.

Hyacinth – The beautiful hyacinth is usually scented and available in white, pink, peach and blue. More unusual colours to look for include dark wine purples, rosy reds, navy, egg-yolk yellows and soft oranges. These fragrant beauties are available during the spring months.

Nerines – These very pretty, exotic looking flowers with slender petals furled like gift ribbons. They are available in pure white and also can be found in varying shades of pink. Nerines are perfect for adding a fabulous exotic touch to bouquets or table arrangements. They are available November to April predominantly but can be found all year round from oversees growers.

Peony - Peonies are the perfect flowers for a romantic summer wedding. They are a versatile flower and can be used for hand tied bridal bouquets or for fabulous table arrangements. They're available in a wide range of gorgeous colors from pure white through to soft pinks and delicate peach to deep pinks and rich, dark reds.

And if these ideas are not inspiration enough, then there are other options. Other white flowers that you could choose for inspiration include






Whatever white wedding flowers you choose there are so many glorious flowers to choose from they are bound to make your day even more special.